Republic City

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Version 1.8.0
Entered since 10. Feb 2019
Reviewed 10. Feb 2019
Player 0/10
Owner Tough_Melon
♖♚♖ ℜepublic ℭity ♖♚♖
Republic city is a modern family-friendly role-play server. Our team of staff members strive to make your role play experience with us, as realistic and fun as possible! Players of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed with open arms into our community. A place filled with wonder, where all of your dreams can become a reality. Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities. Here is a informative list of some of the things you can do on our role-play server.
Role Play and make your wildest dreams a reality .......
choose between 50 free role play prefixes (edited )
❖ Over 100+ Houses and apartments to choose from
❖ Active server community, meet new people!
❖ Friendly and Helpful Staff
❖ Shop at diverse mall!
❖ Become a millionaire and top leader boards 
❖ Start your own role-play family
❖ Get Married to your significant other
❖ Run your own business! Search as a diner or shopping area
❖ Become an actor / actress and become a star in one of our movies!
❖ Tons of FREE prefixes, for you to choose from!
❖ Helpful Staff Members, who will be there to assist you with any problems.
❖ Stylish houses available for sale!
❖ A automatic economy system
❖ Make money mining ores and stone.
Try out some of our mini games .....
❖ Leap through our intense parkour course
❖ Fight your Opponents in mortal combat at our PVP arena!
♖♚♖  ℜepublic ℭity ♖♚♖
IP Address:
Port: 48013
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Want to make your roleplay experience with us, even BETTER?
If so, consider joining our discord server and meeting our role-play community!
The discord link is listed up above! go check it out. ;>
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this message has been approved by server owner, TheToughMelon. If you wish to contact her with concerns or questions about the server. You may do so by either joining the discord community OR emailing her at [email protected]    Thank you for your time
-Sincerely, Tough_Melon
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