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Entered since07. Jun 2019
Reviewed07. Jun 2019
Neuer Minecraft Server!

Wenn du den Server zum 1. mal Betreten hast, Gibt es ein Kompass-Navigator. Diesen kannst du verwenden um in den jeweiligen server/game zu verbinden.


CB ist eine simple Flach-Welt mit Grundstücke in dem du bauen kannst. Die Materialien/Resourcen kannst du in der Survival Farm World erfarmen. Ein Ökosystem wird es auch bald geben!


bei dieser kannst du die blocke  erfarmen. Land Claimen kannst du auch mit /chunk claim. /sethome und /home gibts auch noch. Man kann auch nur in der Farm Welt spielen.

Anarchy: im anarchy server gibt es keine regeln. du kannst tun und machen was du willst!

Englisch (anarchy):
Hello! and welcome to the fairly new Anarchy MCPE! yes yes, there are many MCPE Anarchy servers out there, but this one is fresh. Like most anarchy servers, there are no rules, hacking, griefing, and vulgar language are allowed. Despite only being made in early March, so much has happened within the server.

AboutAs one could imagine, the spawn has increasingly been griefed by users over the course of its creation. It originally began as a forest, now it’s a far cry from that. However, despite this it managed to captivate a certain beauty of destruction and anarchy. Complimenting what the server stands for very well.Gameplay on the server can be both challenging and fairly easy if you know how to play. One of the difficulties me and every server player had to face was escaping the wrath of spawn, there you’re in the hands of veterans and new hackers day by day. It’s recommended to use near by nether portals for easier escape. User bases are spread all across the map, ranging from simple households to great castles and community builds, the strongest known base on the server was by user aibookiller12, it alas has recently fallen.Server HistoryThe server history is surprisingly a long and complicated long, one currently still in the process of being told accurately.  posted it on our server’s discord server and it’s currently still a work in progress, since it’s too long it can be viewed on our server discord.Anyways, good luck on the server. I hope to see you there! Join us on discord!
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