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Hello, players of Minecraft,

we're currently looking for a new builders. Everyone is welcome to participate!
This is a chill server and we are here for people who are looking to play Minecraft in a no pressure environment during these crazy times. You can ponder around the school world and view students and get into trouble, or be a teachers pet and love them for days, or even be a teacher, SchoolRP aims to be the most schoolish and realistic school server there has been.

You’re here to roleplay and to have fun! Part of playing a game is to follow its rules, and it is now necessary that you must GENUINELY roleplay rather than just doing something you know would make your friends laugh. There has been several occasions where players are made fun of for actually seriously roleplaying, and this is something that can qualify as OOC TOXICITY. You are to make your /me’s actual sentences and not literal jokes (for example, stop doing something like /me looks at description---crazy, I know, but I’ve seen it from someone who KNOWS how to roleplay well. It’s only something that made their friends laugh), even if it is something small like “/me would smile.” The more detail you put into your character and what they do, the better your experience will be on SchoolRP. Also, you are NOT to spam words in IC chat if you can easily structure a sentence in just one message. A timer to IC chat may be added if players continue to fail to structure sentences and to detail their roleplay (ask yourself: “Should I be putting this many messages in IC chat? Am I detailing my actions enough to the point that the other party can easily understand what I am doing? Am I just copying and pasting the same action/chat over and over?”)​

PORT: 1884

If there is an issue, please contact us at [email protected]
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